Sunday, September 7, 2014

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Lesson 3

The next lesson in the book is one that I have done a few times at school actually.  I think everyone in grade 7/8 around here has done the draw your hand by looking at it thing, or draw your shoe.  The first part of this was that you are to draw your hand with your body facing the complete other direction so that you are not tempted to peek. Don’t worry if it looks like a hand in the end, just start your pencil moving on the page oh so slowly and try to put down on paper every tiny detail.

It’s best to do this when you have about a half hour and some quiet space to work in.

Mine looked like this.



Then you turn and see that good gosh it looks nothing like a hand, but you get a new page and to draw while looking next at both your hand and your drawing.  Try to split that to be about 85% looking at your hand and 15% looking at your paper.  Now the first attempt I did at this I tried with one line (or close to it) because that’s pretty much what I did in the ‘don’t look’ drawing.  It came out like this:


Then I drew it again but uses more of a sketching technique and got this.


Finally it was suggested that you try the same thing but while holding an object.  and by this time when I started I could really feel the Left side of my brain letting go of the control and letting the right do the work.  It’s like being in a Zen state kind of thing.  It was really interesting to have that sensation.


I think why these types of things don’t work so well at school is that at that early teen age you are too interested in doing things ‘right’ or talking to your friends and all that, and those types of actions or thoughts break up the Right side control.


Give it a try and see how it comes out for you!  Post links in your comments if You can!

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