Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Work In Progress

I mentioned on Twitter last night that I had completed the pencilling of 11 pages of a comic that I am working on.  These are not the best pages you have ever seen for sure but when I was at Fan Expo a few weeks ago so many of the writers and artists there said they just used to make these little photocopy-able books and give them away or sell them for a buck or whatever.  Hearing that I thought hey, why not me?

So I fleshed out a bit of a story and began to draw.  I can really appreciate the true effort and talent that goes into a real comic now and when I hear that it take Greg Capullo (the artist on Batman) a day to draw a page I really get a grasp on just how much time and effort he puts into the staging, layout and detail of each panel.

I have about 1/10th that skill, but I am doing it anyways because the only way to get better is to do it!

So yeah, I mentioned it on Twitter and one of my newest followers asked if I had an work in progress to share.  So here it is.




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