Thursday, January 2, 2014


In an effort to keep up with the New Years Resolutions I made yesterday I worked on quite a few drawings and while some of you might find it a bit redundant to share the stages of a drawing in separate posts I’m doing it anyways.

So I shared this Supergirl picture first as a rough outline, then as a pencil sketch and then when it was inked and today it’s coloured in.

I find each of these stages for me to be very different and I can see why now that for many comic books and such that the pencils, inks and colours are all done by different people as each one of them takes a great deal of skill to do properly.  Doing the pencils is the easiest part for me, sure it’s hard to draw things accurately, and in perspective and so on, but I can still do things well at this stage most of the time.

Inking I find more difficult, mainly because to do inking well it has to be more than tracing the original pencil, you have to add in shadow, vary the line thickness and so on, and once the ink it down, it’s down there is no going back really.  shading with ink I find to be infinitely harder than shading with pencil.

Colours again are a whole new story, if you just colour solid everything appears to be flat, all that work done in the shading stage to made an image appear more three dimensional can be lost if the colouring is lifeless.  This is where I am trying to get better.  I have copic markers and I’m working on my skills here a bit, but I am not that great at it yet.

So anyways.  Supergirl! You can click on it to really zoom it in.

Supergirl 1 Coloured adjusted

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