Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Seems like every blog every where has posts about their New Years Resolutions, I figured that this blog should follow the trend!

My Art and Art blog resolutions are as follows:

1: No 30 Day challenges – I don’t think I have ever completed one art, photo or otherwise

2: Get art scanned ahead of the time I want to write posts about it, it will make for much more interesting posts!

3: Draw something as least every day, whether it’s a full on drawing or just a doodle.  Draw something!

4: Expand, my friend Matt suggested I get a little more diverse than just drawing superheroes, and while I do enjoy those type of drawings I should probably take his advise since he makes a living do various forms of art.

All that said, here is the inked version of that Supergirl sketch I posted the other day.


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