Sunday, February 2, 2014

Neal Adams

I regularly listen to the podcast – Fatman on Batman, I’ve mentioned it on my other blog a few times.  Kevin Smith’s last guest was Neal Adams, an amazing artist.  (You can find it here).  One of the things he mentioned was that all the great artists of the history of ever traced their paintings, or at the very least had models.

I spent some time this evening doing just that.  I have discovered a couple of things in the process.  If you trace like you did as a kid – without ever picking your pencil up of the paper, the drawing will look like you traced it.  The lines will wobble around and whatever, it just looks ‘traced’.  To me at least.  So I got on to tracing, but doing it sketching style so it would still end up looking ok.  Well better than ok actually!

I think the point of the whole exercise is to train your eye for proportion and where shadows go and that type of thing.  I took a couple drawings tonight right from pencils to colours. I’ll share them here.  Be sure to check out the Fatman on Batman too, Neal is a fantastic story teller!

supergirl 2 pencils

supergirl 2 inks

supergirl 2 colours

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