Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I’ve taken to drawing on my lunch time at work.  I can still chat with people and socialize so it’s a bit better than sticking my face in my 3DS.  Yesterdays work was not so great, I just couldn’t get the image from my head onto paper. However, Mondays drawing turned out very well I think!

I found a good pose that conveys action.  Actually its from karate.  And it’s because it’s defensive that it works I think because it’s the defender that is really ‘in motion’  I was trying to draw the follow up punch yesterday and it never really came together, I think because when I envision a punch the thrower of said punch has base and is grounded.  It looked like a good punch, but not a good superhero punch is all.

Anyways, here is the one I like.


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