Sunday, March 23, 2014

Next Steps

What have I been up to since Comic Con you ask?  Well I have been doing a few things.  for starters I finished up my first comic book.  Inking and then adding all the word balloons and captions.  Do you want a physical copy?  We can work something out!

page 19

I’ve also been expanding on the idea of doing tattoos that I learned about at Comic Con.  I am now on a few sites with art up, just waiting for site approval.  Another is which mainly runs contests for artists to submit for I have one on there with 4 stars – quite a few days left to go in the contest though.

And I have put up a few of my own pieces of art to try to sell, dunno how well that will go.  But Hey, if you want a drawing of someone I’ll do it and mail it to you!

I’ve also hung up all my art from Comic Con, I have the pieces by Francis Manapul and Ken Lashly appraised by a comic shop, the guy there said if he was to sell them in his shop he’d be looking for around $900 for all three pieces! I should become an art collector!

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