Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toronto Comic- Con Day 3

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The third day at comic con I knew then what to expect and had a plan of what I wanted to accomplish for the day.  The first thing I did was head down to the showroom floor about a half hour earlier than on the Saturday because I knew I wanted to get over to Ken Lashley’s table a bit earlier to get him to do another drawing for me.  He had mentioned on the Saturday that he might not have been someone’s favourite artist on the first day, but by the end he would be.  I have to say he was right! Ken was a really awesome guy with great stories and a really friendly way of being with the people that came to his table.  As well on top of all that he is a great artist.

Once I had put in my request I toured the floor a bit more and hmmm and hawed over what else to buy.  I ended up picking up and ArtFX statue of The Flash since I couldn’t find any of the justice league figures of him.  It’s really cool!


From there it was off to a couple more sketch duels.  I arrived early and just got out my drawing paper and got working on a picture of Green Lantern.  If I had thought ahead a bit more I would have got a commission of him instead of Batgirl, but I really liked the way that guy drew girls so, I’m happy with my decision.  Anyways, I got working on that and was asked again if it was a commission for someone!  I’m still a bit blown away that people thought that much of my art that they expected I was getting paid for it.


The first duel was between David Finch and Johnny D.,  both guys were quite entertaining and they had to draw Beast.  Two very different styles and so I wouldn’t really say one is ‘better’ than the other, they are just different but cool.  Especially when you consider the amount of time they work with which by the time they are introduced, get suggestions, pick a subject and then finish up early enough to raffle the pieces off is only about 45 minutes maybe.


Johnny D.’s Beast


David Finch’s Beast


The second duel was supposed to feature Francis Manapul, but he had other commitments before they told him he was supposed to be doing the panel.  The MC phones another artist and got him to run up and take his place.  They drew Black Panther. I would tell you who the artists were, but it is actually neither of the guys on the show program and I forget their names now.  One was Something Gorham.



Again their answers to questions were entertaining and insightful as to where to go and what to work on to get into the industry. 

After that duel was over I planned on attending a panel about how to do comic book covers but it was cancelled.  So I headed back down to pick up my Wonder Woman drawing and generally hunt around for other cool stuff.  I picked up a Wonder Woman figure which completed my set of the basic Justice League group.  Batman, Superman Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman.


Once I had picked that up it was back to the main lobby of the convention centre to find Amber and catch the GO train back toward home. On the way I again passed a whole bunch of great cosplayers and so I snapped their pictures too!


All in all it was a great experience and I met some really awesome people and had my eyes opened up a bit more as to way to do things and ideas about how to actually do something with the art I create. Ken and Francis were amazing people and it was awesome to get to know them a bit more as they created art just for me (and other people!)

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