Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Issue 3 Cover

I bought myself an extra week with that little place holder and you know how much I got done?  Almost nothing, I inked a few pages, that’s it.  So let’s force the time a little here.  Today you get the cover to Issue 3 and a video of the drawing process.  You’ll have to wait a few minutes until YouTube is done processing it though.

As I write this and notice Nightwing at the side of the blog background I have become acutely aware that he should be on the cover as well really, so I’ve made a variant cover, which is actually 1)The lamest variant there is and 2)Pointless since the book is not going into print or anything.

Anyways, Check out the cover(s) and the video below!


Drawing the cover for Issue 3

coverBatman and Robin 001 variant

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