Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As you know if you come here often enough I posted the last page of Issue 2 just last week.  Today is normally a day when I would post up the next page in the series, but what with getting organized to move and looking after two little ones I have not had as much time to draw as I would like.

But, “content!” you say.  I happen to agree, content and so for this week at least I’ll put up a few of the other drawing I have done and maybe a few sneak peeks at the pages for issue 3.

Today though I’ll start with this:

Supergirl 008

A few weeks ago I put on Google+ and Twitter this picture and a different Supergirl picture and asked people to vote on which one they would rather see a video of me drawing.  People chose the other picture (video here)  I actually preferred this finished drawing, I think because the outline is thicker than the detail lines by a larger degree than usual, I’ve done a Superman drawing (and video) in this same style and I like it quite a bit too.

Superman 008

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