Monday, July 14, 2014

22 Pages In Like 18 Days Or Something

I’m about to flood the internet with content!  Mostly because I want to set myself a ‘deadline’ to have my second issue of the comic I started scanned and lettered (I already have it all inked).

To that end over the next 18 days or so, there are a couple double page spreads, I’m going to release my first comic digitally here.  It’s not a daily humour comic, it’s a comic book, I’ll just be putting it out on here a page at a time.

If by the end of it you’d like to have a printed copy, we can work something out.  If you are reading and you think to yourself “Hey, I can totally write a better script than that, and would be willing to do so for free!” let me know and we can work on that too!  I freely admit I am not a great writer, especially when it comes to dialogue.

And So, Let’s begin.



inside cover

Inside front cover ads (of course I have to include the ads!)

Tomorrow, Page 1

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