Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Professional Art For Sale

So I want to get to Fan Expo again this year with a few bucks in my pocket to be able to buy more art and toys.  To that end I am selling a couple of the commissioned pieces that I had done over my last two visits to Comic-Con and Fan Expo in order to hopefully make that happen.  I’m a bit sad to be trying to Sell art I asked to be made for me, but if I want more I have to get the money from somewhere.

So, here is what is up for sale.


The Flash 11x14 (I think) drawn and inked by actual Flash comic book artist Marcus To at Fan Expo last year. I had it appraised at a comic shop in Toronto that said they would put it up for sale in their shop for $500

My price to you : $350 comes with the frame even!


Batgirl 8.5x 10 inked and colored by Rob Dumo. I had this appraised by a comic book shop in Toronto that said they'd put it up for sale in their shop for $200.

My price to you: $150 includes glass frame.

They are both great pieces and have been up on my smoke free home walls since I got them.

Send an email to:


If you are interested in these works of comic book art!

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