Sunday, August 24, 2014

Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain Lesson 1

The first actual exercise in the book, beside the preliminary draw these four things is to draw the face-vase thing.  You know that image that looks like either a vase in the middle or two faces on either side depending on where you put your focus.

The instructions are simple, If you are a righty, draw you face profile on the left side of the page and draw it from memory.  During this step you are being mindful that you are drawing a face still. then once you are done that draw your two horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the page and then this time you are drawing the mirror of the other side.

It’s important to think this way during the second side, because you are no longer ‘drawing a face in profile’ but seeing the lines and their angles of the first side and putting them in reverse on the other side of the page.

Here is what mine looked like:


Not quite symmetrical, but not horridly bad either.

The second part of this lesson was to follow the same process, but this time add embellishments to the first profile.  Warts on the nose, a funky chin, wrinkles in the brow, whatever struck you to add in.


I think it’s a bit closer to symmetrical , a few things that are off, but close.

There is a whole chapter of text that goes with this lesson that more accurately describes the propose behind it.  But if you are wanting to follow along with the lessons in the book only, here you go! Do this and come back next week for the next lesson.

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