Thursday, August 14, 2014

I2 Page 4-5 Also–It’s PAL-entines Day

page 04 - 05

Batgirl!  You all saw that coming right?  Makes for a nice splash page though I think.  If I had the time (and skill) to colour it properly it would look even better I am sure, a background would be good too, but progression right?  I’ve done the first few pages of Issue 3 and they look pretty nice, you’ll just have to wait and see!

PAL-entines Day

The Dudes over at Man Crates have started a petition in an attempt to get PAL-entines Day recognized as a holiday!  Why should couples get all the fun all Valentines Day and best Pals not get a day of recognition?  I mean really has you best friend not got you through just as many hard times? shared as many laughs? What could you do for your best Pal today? because really today, could end up being the day to celebrate that friendship!

If you are wondering what to get a friend, check out the Man Crates link above and send them some cool stuff that you even get to open with a crowbar!

On my PAL-entines day I’ll be driving about the countryside meeting and picking up my new foster-to-adopt children, which is pretty awesome, but YOU could be sending a wicked gift to someone supercool!

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