Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Background and PAL-entine's Day

Well the new background is up, I decided to not draw all new things just for the background, but rather incorporate some of my more favourite pieces into the mix.  I used the same pattern in the back as over on Wisdom, Courage, Power but a different colour scheme, I think that gives a bit of continuity between the two blogs.

What do you think of the new look?


PAL-entine's Day

I was also sent an email about an idea for a ‘holiday’ called PAL-entine's Day!  It sounds like a great idea!  You can get a bit more information and even sign a petition from over at  The whole idea is being put on by Man Crates, a very fitting promotion since they are a subscription service that will send you monthly crates of manly stuff, for you and your pals to then have and look at and use!

The idea is that unlike the completely Hallmark fabricated Valentine’s Day instead of lavishing gifts upon your significant other, you’d get to pal around with your buddies doing whatever hetero-lifemates want to do.  Frankly I would say that I do this kind of thing a few times a year.  A few of my friends and I are members of our own He-man woman haters club and Pete and I have gone to see a few comic book movies without our wives.  There are thing that guys understand together that our Valentine’s just don’t.  I’m not certain that PAL-entine’s Day is going to get any traction, but it really should, if only so that those guys that need an excuse to hang out with their friends cane actually get one!

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